Blickling Sculpture Trail

Blickling Hall Sculpture Trail starts this week on thursday 14th June and runs till July 7th 2019.

There will be new works from me and 5 other artists, Mary Richardson, Chris White, Marie Dawe, Berni Marfleet andTrish Francis. Addmission to the hall applies.

Gallery Plus Wild Exhibition


Wild Exhibition

Thanks to everyone who came along to the opening day of my Wild Exhibition at Gallery Plus. It was a great start !

If you haven't been yet it's open until Saturday 3rd November, so please do come and see my new work.

I've been at Gallery Plus in Wells next the sea today setting up my Wild Exhibition.

It will be open from 10am Saturday 20th October till 3rd November.
I hope you can get over to see my new work!

Bark removal tool and hand forged chisels

Six foot Foxglove sculpture

Fern gate

I made this gate for my Mum and Dads christmas present. I used larger coach screws on it than on the fern leaf sculpture. 


Breckland art trail begins this weekend, it runs from 31st november to 8th december. It's a chance to visit artists studios in the breckland area and see what new work they have been doing. I will be opening my workshop and doing demonstrations throughout the week. 

Come along if you're nearby.
My workshop is at Park house farmyard
Holt rd
North Elmham
Nr20 5jy
If you're coming through the village from dereham, go up the hill and follow the main road past the church and round the bend. Take the first left turn at the red phone box onto the Elmham house estate. My workshop is about 100yrds on your right down the track .

I have had a run on cow parsley sculptures recently, in various sizes and finishes. One 12ft tall 8 head rusted version and an arrangement of smaller seed heads in a galvanised finish. 

I've just set up my sculptures for the exhibition at Savill gardens in Windsor great park. I have 5 pieces on display and the exhibition is on until the end of october.

I had started making parts for a fern leaf sculpture just before my open studios this year and had to stop so I could get some stock made up. I have know managed to finish it and am really pleased with it. I wanted to show different stages of the ferns growth and had a rough idea of the silhouette of it. I ended up heating up and flattening out large coach screws to produce each leaf.

In the week during open studios I managed to add some more details to my blacksmiths sign on my workshop.

I put on some water weeds and chains to liven up the eel I had already got.

Open studios finished this weekend which went really well. I reluctantly sold Stanley's dragon which I made for to put in the garden for his birthday party. I know it's gone to a good home. 

I think  I'll make something else along the same lines, maybe a stegasaurus!

 Open studios is well under way and it's going really well so far.I had a visit from Will and Marie of old town in Holt. Will commissioned me to make a set of replica ww1 iron trestles for a photo shoot and which will then be used in the shop. He also took some pictures and has already put them up on the old town extra news page on their website. 

Take a look at 

I started to make a weather vane this week that I thought about whilst doing the research for the flensing tools I made. It's two sheets of copper that I chased the details into and then welded together around the outside. Then I expand the two sheets out with compressed air. 

I had a chap come by this week to take some pictures of my workshop for an article about open studios for the village magazine. 

I was commissioned to make a door knocker featuring oak leaves and brambles. I originally thought I would make a pattern and cast it, but later decided to forge the parts and assemble them. I'm really pleased with the final result, I think I'll do some more designs in the same way.

You don't get a job like this everyday. I was contacted by a pathology technician from the institute of zoology, who were looking for someone to make a set of flensing tools. They were used to cut the blubber off of whales and are now needed during autopsies on dead beached whales. This picture show the tools after forging and rough sanding. The next step is to harden and temper the blades. The other picture is during heating in my gas forge.

After laying a new lawn in my garden in September and imagining spring would be here by now, I have decided to help the garden along by making a bluebell arch and gate. I have made bluebells before on a small scale, but thought a big set would be nice and now I have my power hammer its all a lot easier. The bluebell flowers themselves are made from 50mm tube which is necked in and flared out on the ends. This picture shows the parts that will make up the arch, sorry my feet are visible. I'm planning to make small leaves that come out from each flower stems and large leaves fixed to the main stems.

I'll post more pics when I've made more progress.

I went to set up my latest sculpture today at The Assembly House in Norwich. My sculpture is called Birds at play and is part of  the art alive exhibition which is on from Monday 8th a April till 8th May.  I have made bird mobiles before ,but wanted to have a bit of a play with the centre stand . So I decided to included the theme of fairgrounds and carousels, which always have such bright colours. 

I was contacted a while ago to make a set of agave plants to go in some stone planters on top of columns in a garden. The gardeners were having trouble watering plants in these pots as they are about 12 feet up in the air. Their idea is to put a metal sculptural piece up there so they have no maintenance. I thought copper would be a nice material to work with as it is good outdoors and goes a lovely  green colour after a few months, which fits in with the agave theme. This is my first try, which I'm pretty pleased with. I made a fly press tool to shape the leaves in one go, it measures 30 inches across. 

Here's a teaser picture of my new sculpture which will be exhibited at the assembly house Norwich from 8th april to 8th May 2013. It is an outdoor bird mobile mixed with a fairground carousel.

I have recently moved into my new workshop and thought it might be a good time to start an actual log.

For a long time I have wanted to build myself a power hammer. I did a bit of research online and found a site where a blacksmith in america built a mechanical power hammer for abana the american blacksmiths association. They are called junk yard hammers as you can change the design to suit what materials you might have lying around. 
I have been collecting parts for some time but never had the space or the time to start putting it all together, so the move prompted me to get on with it. I've spent about six days working on the hammer and it's pretty much finished, apart from a bit of paint and maybe some different dies to do other tasks.

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