Bits and Bobs


I have recently been working on a memorial for a local RAF airbase to mark their 75th anniversary. The pieces were cast in bronze by a local foundry and I cleaned up and assembled them . I was lent a helmet, bayonet and replica rifle,to make the patterns which will be returned to the RAF once the piece is finished. 

There is still some finishing work to do but I think it already looks great .It will be mounted on a granite base which will be set into the ground. 



 Sometimes being a "designer maker" brings me odd projects that don't really fit in with the main body of the work I normally do.It might be a special display bracket or a piece of replica armour. I thought I would still like to include some pictures of these items and explain how they  came about.     


 This is a replica of a helmet from the witchking character in "The lord of the rings". I made this for my brother Noah for christmas one year. He is a drummer in a hardcore band and a fan of these films, so I thought he would like something you normally couldn't get.




 Here is the chassis for a "tot rod" I was asked to make for one of my customers. He had the fibreglass body already, and wanted it made into a go-cart. It was later finished with a windscreen and leather seat.



 Here is a window grill featuring the logo of the "wild trout trust". I was commissioned to make it by a customer, to be a birthday present for her husband. The trout was hand cut from sheet brass then patinated to a darker colour.




 This was a commission for a window display for a handmade clothes shop. It was later sign written with their chosen lettering.



 This shows a reproduction of an antique table.It was copied from an original which dated from around 1850. I made three, they had a patina finish and marble tops added.  




 When we moved into my current house we decided to call it "snail cottage" , as the garden was overrun with snails. I made patterns for this letterbox and door knocker, and had them cast in brass at a local foundry.



 Whilst working at a local engineering firm, a job came up to do the restoration on a set of 17th century gates in Cambridge. This included making new water leaves, scrolls and dog bars that had rusted away.



In october 2012 I was asked by Elmham church to make some brackets to display the workings of the old clock. It used to be what ran the clock in the tower and they wanted it to be on display . I ended up suspending the unit from the large ceiling beams to avoid disturbing the old brick walls.